8 Creative Virtual Event Ideas For 2022

In-person events are beginning to pick up again. Events conducted virtually are still fairly common. Virtual event planners need to be inventive if they want to stay competitive with the tightening competition for attendance. The majority of event planners use virtual event platforms to keep participants engaged and improve attendance. You’ll be glad to learn that there are a variety of things you can do to raise the value of your virtual event. You’ll learn the finest strategies for producing engaging and engaging virtual events in this presentation.

What Is A Virtual Event?

A virtual event is a planned meeting that lets a number of individuals interact, exchange ideas, and take part in a common activity. The sole distinction between real-world and virtual events is that the latter takes place online rather than offline. A virtual event can be held without the use of any specialized equipment. You can remove any physical barriers between your hosts and the online audience by using virtual event solutions.

Virtual reality is not always meant when the word “virtual” is used. You could only use video conferencing software or a social media platform to host a virtual event. The key lesson is that event organizers may provide lots of possibilities for interaction and engagement for their participants without having to rely on a physical site.

Tips To Host An Interactive Virtual Event

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

A virtual scavenger hunt can make your event more engaging. On the day of the event, make an announcement that discloses the game’s specifics when users log in. Participants get points by “scavenging” for and stealing objects. These points could be shown on an online leaderboard. This keeps people interested and encourages them to explore other areas of your event. Use a virtual scavenger hunt to increase engagement with a new product you are introducing. Either the audience would look for specific components of the new product. Or they could search for a specific quantity of a single item. As they locate them, they score points that might be shown on an online leaderboard. The prize is either the brand-new item itself or a discount. This will increase interest in and enthusiasm for your new product.

Work Together To Solve A Virtual Escape Room 

Finding unique, imaginative virtual event concepts for team-building activities can be challenging, especially if your team members work remotely. Escape rooms are a fantastic way to get everyone to cooperate toward a single objective: to leave as soon as possible. A similar idea is used in a virtual escape room, but with virtual event services instead. Before time runs out, participants will use all available means to escape the virtual room, including deciphering puzzles and following hints.

Health And Wellbeing Activities 

It gets tiring to be in a virtual environment. Why not include a virtual guided meditation in your event? The majority of people have experienced both physical and mental health issues. Keeping this in mind, one of the fantastic virtual event ideas to mix things up is to include such activities that are pertinent to health and wellbeing in your event. Additionally, it will provide attendees with unexpected value. To perform various activities and draw more attendees, the majority of event organizers use virtual event platforms.

Virtual Mixers

A virtual mixer is a fantastic way for people to meet one another in an unfamiliar setting. You can use an automated matchmaking tool to pair up participants by placing them in a virtual environment. As an alternative, you might accomplish this via breakout sessions. This concept of a virtual event helps people feel more at ease and familiar. Another tried-and-true method is to designate a member of the organizing team to moderate the live discussion of each of your sessions. This individual will be in charge of ensuring that the talk continues. The individual will explain any platform or technical issues and remind the audience how to use the chat feature.

Offer Networking Opportunities

One of the top three reasons people go to any kind of gathering is to network. No matter how big or small your networking event is, be sure to provide guests plenty of chances to grow their networks and meet new people. Platforms for virtual events are very helpful in this regard. A variety of networking options, including attendee profiles, private video chats, group chat rooms, and more, are available on some platforms. Utilize the technology at your event to encourage networking and produce a more enjoyable, engaging virtual experience.

Include Sponsored Sessions 

For any event, sponsors are necessary. They provide financial support for your event as well as a crucial competitive edge and commercial collaboration. The secret to demonstrating the value of the sponsors’ investment is to keep them satisfied and add value to their business. In order for sponsors to offer their own material at your event, provide them access to their own sponsored sessions, breakout spaces, and virtual booths. Utilize banner advertisements, profile pages, and other tools on your virtual event platform to draw audience members’ attention to sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, you may gather substantial attendee data after your event and present sponsors with indisputable ROI proof.

Host A Giveaway

Giveaways are always unique and a great way to boost attendance. They could bring some fun to your online event. There are some virtual goods you can offer, even though the giveaway is not one of those straightforward virtual event ideas where the reward is only handed to the participant. Following the virtual event, you have the option of shipping actual incentives to your attendees.

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Happy Hour

A virtual happy hour is a fantastic way to bring people together and have a drink or two! A virtual happy hour has the advantage of being as planned or as unplanned as you like. You can engage in conversation around a particular topic, play games together, make drinks (or even have a mixologist on call), or just enjoy each other’s company. It’s a fantastic approach to establishing personal or professional connections.


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