Different Gadgets and Weapons Shown in the Black Panther Movie

The 2018 hit movie of the MCU was no doubt an outstanding success that led to the introduction of so many new characters. These included characters like T’Challa, Erik Killmonger, Shuri, Everett K. Ross, Nakia, Okoye, Ulysses Klaue, T’Chakka, and many others that made the movie a success. A sequel of the movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to come out in November this year with more characters and a different perspective of The Black Panther. 

The best thing about Black Panther was the way it presented a highly advanced society that used Vibranium to create a technologically advanced country ruled by the traditions and cultured people of Wakanda. This made the movie have a strong storyline of Black Panther and his origin after his father’s death and so on. 

Another fascinating thing that set the movie apart was the Vibranium-based gadgets and technology shown in the movie. These were advanced weapons created by Shuri, T’Challa’s sister and a genius inventor just like Tony Stark. 

You can look for Black Panther’s trailer on YouTube and get an idea about things that set the movie apart from other MCU movies using Xfinity Internet. Spectrum Internet gets you a buffer-free internet experience so that you can enjoy your movies, and music online. Let’s have a look at some of these gadgets shown in the movie: 

The Vibranium Gauntlets

These are some amazing gadgets created and used by T’Chakka’s sister Shuri in her fight against Erik Killmonger when he tried to smuggle Wakanda’s weapons to other countries outside Wakanda. These were panther-shaped gauntlets that were made of Vibranium. They were capable of firing powerful sonic blasts at anything that Shurri pointed. The weapons were designed keeping in mind the idea of the panther goddess named Bast. 

These gauntlets worked in two ways. They created enough force to toss someone in the air for a short flight and to hit someone with the sonic blasts. The force created by the gauntlets was powerful enough to briefly subdue the effects of the Heart-Shaped Herb as well. 

The Vibranium Spears

These were the traditional weapons carried by the Dora Milaje. General Okoye of the Dora Milaje used the spear to give out commands to her subordinates just by hitting the spear on the ground. She was rarely seen without her spear in the movie. The weapons looked like traditional spears with blades mounted on Sonic Spears. 

The blades were made of Vibranium which gave them a lot of strength and resistance when used on an enemy. Okoye was able to smash an entire SUV at full speed without damaging the spear or hurting herself when she was in pursuit of Klaus in South Korea. Another feature of the Spears was that one can collapse them and conceal them in a purse and go undetected through metal detectors. 

The Spear of Beshanga

This was a Vibranium-based spear that made them the strongest and deadliest weapons created by Wakandans. A warrior and shaman in the Wakandan culture named Bashenga who became the first Black Panther wielded the weapon in the movie. The weapon became a sacred treasure after Bashenga died and was passed from one shaman to another for many centuries. 

It was used in traditional ceremonies by every new shaman of Wakanda. The weapon was last wielded by Zuri at the coronation of T’Challa to signal the commencement of the duel between M’Baku and T’Challa. 

Ring Blades

These were a set of advanced ring-shaped blades wielded by Nakia during her fight with Erik Killmonger during the Battle of Mount Bashenga. Nakia accompanied Shuri in the battle and used them on Erik multiple times but there was no effect on him because of the Panther Habit. Soon Nakia used the Ring Blades to disarm him in the battle. 

The Ring Blades were light in weight and advanced enough to absorb vibration. They were also capable of cutting through a variety of materials including wood and metal easily. 

The Kinetic Suit

This was the same suit that was worn by T’Challa as his battle suit when he was in pursuit of Ulysses Klaue in South Korea. It was an energy-absorbing suit that could help T’Challa stand almost any hit and release an energy blast. The suit was made of Vibranium and came in a lot of patterns and colors as displayed by Shuri in her lab. 

The suit came with gloves that had Vibranium claws that were used by T’Challa to attack his enemies and cause damage to armor just like a Black Panther. He used the same claws on Captain America’s shield in Captain America: Civil War putting some deep scratches on it. 


In the end, one can say that these were some advanced weapons and gadgets that you can watch in the Black Panther movie (2018). Let’s see what kind of weapons and gadgets the Wakandans have in Black Panther 2 which is set to release this year in November. 

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