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5 Post-Waxing Beauty Tips For Soothing Freshly Waxed Brows

Eyebrows have taken centre stage, and the cosmetic companies have finally realised that ladies want fuller and thicker brows. 

Beauty gurus have proclaimed the wonders of eyebrow waxing and the miraculous effects on your looks. But once the process is over, you have to deal with the aftermath. And the aftermath is not a happy one.  

While eyebrow waxing is less expensive than other procedures like powder brows and HD lamination, it can be quite painful. The skin gets dry, itchy, and sometimes very red. 

So, if you wish to deal with the fallout of eyebrow waxing, the following tips should help you out. 

Plucking stray strands is not a good idea. 

Have you noticed that a few stray hairs are visible near your eyebrow? 

Please make every effort to refrain from plucking them until your face is no longer inflamed. Instantly plucking your brows could aggravate your already inflamed skin, causing breakouts. 

Steer clear of heavy moisturisers 

Apparently, like a good idea to slather your skin in lotion to feel exceptionally soft and supple after a wax. This, unfortunately, may aggravate the situation. Wait for one or two days before applying moisturiser, especially great lotions, as these can clog your newly opened pores.

It would help if you also avoided chemical-heavy cosmetics and heavily scented treatments because they can irritate your skin.  

After a waxing session, your pores and skin will be susceptible and tender. So, after you’ve had your eyebrows waxed, make sure you give your skin a chance to recover. 

Use a cooling agent. 

After a wax, inflamed skin can feel like a sunburn as vessels widen and bulge. If discomfort or irritation remains after the waxing, use an anti-inflammatory substance to lessen the inflammation.  

An ice pack, aloe vera, or post-wax soothing creams are ideal options. Experts say natural cosmetics should be used instead of fragrant ones, as perfumed goods can irritate the skin. 

So, if the skin surrounding your brows is red after waxing, prepare a tea bag and set it aside to cool before pressing it on the area. 

Don’t overwhelm your face with makeup products.

Irrespective of how much you adore your foundation and contour, this is not the moment to apply makeup on your face. Why? 

This is because there’s a chance your pores will clog. Plus, while your skin is sensitive and freshly waxed, you shouldn’t use a lot of cosmetics.  

But if you can’t go a day without wearing makeup, use eyebrow tints to delicately fill in your brows without touching the rest of your face. 

Exposure to the sun  

The sun in Sydney, Australia, can be tricky. Still, you must avoid exposure to the sun before and after your session as this might cause sunburn and hyperpigmentation in the affected area. 

Lastly, tanning beds, spas, and even fake tans should be avoided. Saunas and sunbeds enhance the warmth of your skin, making it more susceptible and opening your pores. Instead, allow your face to rest for at least two days. 


When it comes to eyebrows, the trend in Sydney, Australia, is favouring full, bold brows. If you have always wanted those perfect Hollywood arches or those Pinterest-worthy eyebrows, brow treatments like waxing, powder brows, and henna brows are the way for you.  

However, once you’ve gotten your brows waxed or microbladed, you must do a few things to soothe your skin. 

This blog went over a few tips to help you feel more comfortable after a brow waxing session. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to take the proper steps to care for your skin to continue looking beautiful and feeling comfortable!

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