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The Meaning Behind the Trilogy Ring

Trilogy rings have always been in existence, but Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement left everyone craving for a beautiful trilogy engagement ring for themselves. What many people don’t know is the wonderful meaning behind this beautiful set of jewellery. Here, you would know about the purpose and the symbolisation for which the ‘trilogy’ in the ring stands for. And you guessed it right, it has some romantic symbolism behind the trilogy engagement ring!

What is the Trilogy Ring?

Trilogy Ring, like the name denotes, is a ring that has three stones embedded in it. These three stones are usually diamonds, but they can also be gemstones. Surprisingly, they are not only used on wedding occasions but also as friendship rings or promise rings in some cultures. There are two types of trilogy rings – the one where the center stone is bigger than others and another one where every stone has the same size. For proposals, usually, the former type is used. Here are the five popular meanings behind those beautiful three stones.

Past, Present, and Future

You would have heard a lot of advice from people to always focus on the present. They would say that the past traps you with melancholy, and the future gives you anxiety. The three stones in the ring also denote the three different parts of one’s life. The left stone indicates the past, the right one for the future, and the present one is attributed to the middle ring. It indirectly denotes that one should cherish the present moment, and here, the present moment is ‘proposal.’ With the memories of togetherness of the past and with the high hopes of the future, the couple is having a wonderful ‘present’ moment. 

Friendship, Love, and Devotion

For anyone, friendship, love, and devotion are inevitable parts of life. You need to nurture non-romantic friendships for sharing the shoulders for failures and successes, have love with romantic partners, have someone whom one can always rely on, and then develop the devotion towards God for blessing one with the above two. These three give meaning to one’s life and paves the way for fulfilment. Wearing this ring reminds to oneself to cherish the friendship, partner, and God in their life. 


What can be more important to one than their family? It personifies ‘family’ in three ways. In one practice, it denotes the central stone as a mom with the two adjacent rings as children. In the second case, it can be taken as two parents sitting adjacent to the main stone, which is the child. In the third scenario, where the three stones are similar in their sizes, it denotes three children. In all the ways, it means a happy family with children. Doesn’t this sound adorable?

The Concept of Trinity

The Trilogy ring is also called the trinity ring as the three stones also denote the Christian Trinity – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. This subtly tells us the coexistence of three eternal powers according to Christian beliefs. 

To Love, Honour, and Cherish

In every relationship, love and honour take the front seat because, without these two, one can’t create meaningful connections. Once these two pillars of love are established, they need to cherish each other for a lifetime. These three essential traits of a relationship are denoted by three stones. 

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