5 Surprising Uses of Custom-Printed Acrylic Signs and Posters

During the COVID19 pandemic, several brands returned to the practice of using traditional, low-cost marketing materials. Custom-printed acrylic and vinyl signs could be seen across the country, especially in small, local communities. Small-scale businesses, in particular, rely heavily on these signs to establish brand presence in specific communities.

Plus, premium-quality acrylic signs are extremely affordable. Even in the post-pandemic era, supply-chain bottlenecks and labor shortages are driving the costs of doing business. In such environments, high-quality yet affordable signs are invaluable tools for marketers and small business leaders.

The Popularity of Custom-Printed Signs Made of Acrylic

Acrylic is a very durable, cheap, and reusable material. That’s why acrylic signs are very popular among brands that want their graphics to look high-tech and refined without overspending. From custom-printed acrylic office signs to eye-catching advertisements inside retail stores – this material is super-popular in countless commercial settings.

These affordable signs come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. Manufacturers can easily print high-definition artwork on acrylic sheets to create amazing signs. However, the most vital quality of these signs is their versatility. These signs look perfect indoors and outdoors. They’re also super-durable, so it doesn’t matter how or in what conditions they’re used.

Here are five creative and surprising ways acrylic signage is employed by different types of businesses –

  1. Retail Stores: Retail stores use custom-printed signs made of acrylic to attract walk-in shoppers off of the street. Acrylic is a UV and weather-resistant material. So, store owners can install these signs outdoors on their windows. Or, they can use finely designed signs indoors as branded decorations. The uniform surfaces of acrylic signs always respond well to internal and external lighting. The promotional messages on these retail store signs are always visible, day or night.
  2. Office Signs: Office buildings and workspaces need to be full of informational signs. Custom-printed signs help direct the foot traffic in the building. Signs in reception areas, hallways, etc., provide important information to employees and visitors. Using custom-printed signs made of acrylic to create these signs makes total sense. That’s because these signs are durable, reusable, and easy to clean. Office workers won’t have to worry about maintaining these signs.
  3. Food Stores: Small-scale food stores use low-cost acrylic signage to create interactive menu boards for their customers. The print quality of acrylic graphics is amazing. Customers perceive acrylic signs with high-definition graphics as expensive, high-quality items.
  4. Tradeshow Promotions: Tradeshows are often very busy and crowded events. Brands often struggle to receive attention at these events. Using glossy, well-designed acrylic signage helps them establish their brand presence at tradeshows. Well-designed signs can make brands appear interesting and appealing.
  5. Promote Seasonal Offers: Acrylic sheets are extremely cheap and customizable. Business owners can easily custom-print new signs to promote new deals/offers at their stores without spending too much. Customize these signs to be as eye-catching as possible. They’ll draw customer attention to your store’s offers and deals.

Find an acrylic sign seller and custom-print some amazing signs for your brand now!

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