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What is local SEO?

Since 2007, Google knows where you are. This may be a bit exaggerated, but it is the truth and is due to the increasingly precise tracking operations of the search engine.

Why is Google interested in your whereabouts? Quite simply: To display the most relevant results from your current environment when searching for companies or services. And this is where local search engine optimization (short: Local SEO) for websites comes into play.

Local SEO refers to all measures aimed at bringing a website forward in local search results. Behind this geographical preference in search results is an old principle: Do you remember the phone book tomes and industry books from old times? Google is trying to digitize exactly this local search for its users through increasing personalization in online research.

If you run a business and want to expand your customer base in your environment, local SEO is the keyword par excellence for you!

Why is local SEO so important for you business?

Search engine optimization should undoubtedly be part of your inbound strategy. After all, properly applied SEO measures help to attract your ideal customers. In other words, the people who actually need your offer.

Local SEO in particular is becoming increasingly important. Why? Mobile searches in the local context are increasing disproportionately compared to standard search queries.

Google now attaches primary importance to local search. The statistics show that mobile requests now clearly predominate. In 2021, 76% of users who have searched for something specific nearby on their smartphone will visit a store within a day. (Think with Google). For companies, this development results in concrete to-dos with regard to their SEO strategy, in particular the maintenance of local data and the optimization of mobile loading time.

You probably know the red buttons on Google Maps. These markers are associated with Google My Business listings. So if you want a user in your area to come across your business with their search query, you should have a listing on Google My Business.

Which companies benefit from local SEO?

Local SEO is primarily interesting for companies that operate a local shop or branch for their customers or offer services. You probably know it yourself: You are looking for a new dentist, the nearest mobile phone shop, clothes shop or a craftsman and receive various suggestions in your area.

For companies with customer operations, local SEO as a marketing measure is also so interesting because this search engine optimization can work regardless of the size and local establishment. So even smaller or new companies have the chance to be seen.

What does Google need from you?

Google refers to around 200 criteria to provide the right results for search queries. Keywords and backlinks are just two of the relevant factors for the (local) ranking of the search engine.

The most important criteria for a good local ranking:

1. Use keywords according to your buyer personas for your business and location.

2. Use Google My Business and maintain your profile.

3. Use consistent data (“NAP” data: name, address, phone) that applies to all web entries.

4. Strive for positive reviews, reviews, and positive referrals.

5. Aim for backlinks from local websites.

6. Integrate the local reference into your content and meta information.

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