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3 of the World’s Most Remote Resorts

Given our technology-driven lifestyle, it may seem hard to get off the grid. However, there are still numerous resorts located in remote locations that will keep you away from civilization, at least for some time. You can go to these locations and fall into your own world without needing to worry about what is going on in the “real world.”

These locations typically do not have good telecom infrastructure, so internet connectivity is a rare commodity in these places unless you have a satellite internet connection. With HughesNet Internet, you will be able to maintain contact with the outside world.

Here are some of the most remote resort locations you can spend your vacation in.

Kauri Cliffs – Matauri Bay, New Zealand

Kauri Cliffs are located at the edge of the Totara Forest in New Zealand. This is a premium luxury resort. Their luxury guest rooms offer views of the Pacific Ocean and include open fireplaces and private porches. This is one of the few resorts on the planet where you will find a fusion of luxury and nature. To get an even greater luxurious experience, you may opt to book an Owner’s Cottage. This is a 4,200 square foot accommodation that includes a kitchen and a private infinity pool.

Other activities on the resort include golfing, deep-sea fishing, and wild-boar hunting. You can also experience beach BBQ where the resort chefs will prepare fresh seafood and other local delicacies. Once inside New Zealand, it is not all that difficult to get to Kauri Cliffs. You can take a 60-minute helicopter ride from Auckland. If you are on a budget, then you can also take a scheduled 45-minute commercial flight from Auckland to Kerikeri Bay, and then drive from there to Kauri Cliffs.

Hana-Maui Resort – Hana, Maui

The secluded town of Hana is located on Maui Island’s mountainous easterner coast. It is considered one of the last unspoiled locations in Hawaii. You need to take a scenic three-hour drive along the coast to reach this resort. It is one of the most romantic getaways in the state. It is in the extreme eastern corner of Hawaii, so it witnesses sunrise before all other resorts in the state. This resort regularly ranks among the top resorts in Hawaii. It has all the amenities you will find in a luxury resort, except for, telephone, TV, and internet. Not having these distractions truly allow visitors to enjoy nature in this area.

Las Alamandas Hotel – Costalegre, Mexico

Las Alamandas Hotel is a vast 1,500-acre property in Costalegre on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Costalegre is an underdeveloped region of the country, so the natural environment of the region is largely intact. Visitors will get to experience pristine white-sand beaches, tropical gardens, and a warm turquoise ocean. This resort is also a top choice for Hollywood celebrities who often book the entire hotel when on vacation. The relative isolation of Costalegre as well as a lack of telecom infrastructure adds to the appeal of Las Alamandas Hotel.

To get to Costalegre, you can travel to either Manzanillo or Puerto Vallarta on scheduled commercial flights. From either city, you can reach Costalegre via a two-hour drive. The resort has its own runway that can accommodate small aircraft. So you may also reach it through a private flight.

Summing Up

Despite the exponential growth in the global human population, there are still plenty of places that have limited human activity. Sometimes it feels nice to get away from our busy daily routines and refresh ourselves by immersing ourselves in nature. The resorts mentioned in this blog are perfect spots for you to relax and refresh yourself for a few days.

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