Why hiring Property Management Answering Service in this pandemic situation becomes a must?

Many people have been feeling increased levels of anxiety, on account of this Covid-19 pandemic. Many are struggling to make their rent payments, while also being worried about their health and finances. 

The way businesses operated has been completely changed due to the pandemic. Landlords and property managers are constantly seeking for ways to stay safe on the job, while they have to deal with decreased staffs, rent strikes and new problems cropping up with every passing day. This has led many property managers to turn to Property Management Answering Service. 

The inhabitant’s first point of contact will always be a friendly and professional virtual receptionist once you partner with Property Management Answering Service. Callers will receive a fast and efficient service, while also being greeted with a welcoming voice. Whatever issue you might face, from managing requests, scheduling appointments, taking messages, sending  follow up emails, shooting up emergency issues, and what more, the virtual receptionist of Property Management Answering Service is there to help you with all of these. Just scroll through to get a brief idea as to how hiring Property Management Answering Service may benefit you in your business:

Key benefits of hiring Property Management Answering Service:

(1) Assists in keeping up with more calls: Before the pandemic, if any issues cropped up suddenly, people would just walk into a property manager’s office. But now, a better option would be to just make a call, especially with the social distancing norms. Property Management Answering Service can come to your help if you are suddenly inundated with more incoming calls than ever. High quality service to your residents will be provided by the virtual receptionists, once you forward your calls to a Property Management Answering Service. They will also help you if you require support after business hours. Virtual Receptionists of Property Management Answering Service are available 24X7, be it be nights, weekends, or holidays. 

(2) Better Customer Service: You might be facing the problem of slower or unanswered responses, to maintenance inquiries due to acute shortage of staffs owing to the pandemic. A significant impact on your inhabitant’s experience can emerge due to delayed response times, as well as the quality of your customer support. Excellent service has become more important than ever, during this unusual time. Nothing has been more important than simply answering the phone, and saying, “Hello, how may I help you?” by Property Management Answering Service. 

(3) Invest less time talking about problems, and more on solving them: Most of the tenants report the same common problems, over the calls which are received by the Property Managers. Maybe they are locked out of their home, or their dishwasher is leaking, or maybe they have only cold water. Sounds quite amicable, right?

Besides providing support to these callers, Property Management Answering Service also schedules appointments in order to resolve their issues. You can invest more of your time to focus on the tasks, that only you can do, if you spend less time on the phone. Hiring Property Management Answering Service is especially helpful, if you are running with an acute shortage of staff, due to the pandemic. 

(4) Proper Management of Spam Calls: Spam phone calls have almost become a daily routine for Property Managers. The wasted time also adds up from the vendors trying to sell you things, to rental listing fraud. 

Once you outsource to a Property Management Answering Service, you actually stop losing time with unwanted calls. In order to qualify calls, trained live agents of Property Management Answering Service will ask the right questions according to your processes. Emergency issues will be identified with absolutely no time delay, in order to make sure that they are handled quickly. 

Key Takeaway:

Now, that you have gone through all the benefits of hiring Property Management Answering Service, why wait any longer? To deal with several problems like rent strikes, decreased staffs and others, it’s always better to opt for Property Management Answering Service which will ensure fast and efficient call services to all your tenants, thereby portraying a positive picture of your business. 

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