Top Benefits of Hotel Key Cards

In this era of technology, everything has seen a massive up-gradation from what it was to what is. And this applies to every industry. Innovations have changed the way we interact with people and businesses. 

When it comes to the hotel and hospitality sector, they too have seen changes. Think of the last time you checked in to a hotel. It’s likely that you were not handed over a key but a card that looks similar to a credit card. These are hotel key cards and they are a big shift from a traditional lock and key system. 

There are several benefits of a key card over a traditional lock and key. And if you are in the hospitality business, you’ll do well if you shift to them. Apart from being convenient, they have many other advantages that you should know about.

Keeping that in mind, here, we have rounded up a few benefits of using key cards for your hotel business. 

User Benefits

The hotel key card has several benefits for the users. And some of them are:


The difference in weight between a Key Card and a traditional key is not much. But the main difference lies in the portability and the ease of carrying. 

The traditional key is more of a burden and is difficult to store safely. It virtually becomes an extra thing to carry with you. It can be bulky and the chances of losing them are very high because you don’t get an easy and suitable place to store them.

Hotel key cards, on the other hand, are extremely easy to store and you can keep them in your wallet alongside other cards. Unlike traditional keys, you don’t have to worry about storing them somewhere safe. . It’s lightweight and easily fits in your wallet or purse. Thus it’s convenient as well. 

Quick and Easy

Using a key card makes it extremely fast and easy to get into your room. Thus, adapting to key cards can improve the guest perception of the hotel.

Add to it the ease of check-in and check-out and you’ll find how key cards can make the process effortless from beginning to end. 

These key cards are thus extremely user-friendly and give the users a seamless experience while they stay at your hotel. 

Operational Benefits

Hotel key cards also offer several operational benefits including the following characteristics:

Easy to Manage

With a key card, tracking and managing them becomes easy and you can easily manage all your cards from a central computer. You’ll be able to track all your cards’ performance, such as who has access to what facilities or are they have been returned or are still active. 

Being able to control all your operations electronically and remotely have several benefits. For example, in case of emergencies, you can unlock access to all fire and outer doors to provide a safe exit. Or, if someone loses their card, you can simply deactivate it and thus block access to your hotel with just a click. 


Unlike traditional keys, key cards can be extremely cost-effective. Each card is reprogrammable countless times. On top of that, they are easy to manufacture at a very low cost. 

Thus you get secure access to your hotel rooms at a very low cost. 

Security Benefits

Key cards also have some excellent security benefits and they are as follows.

Harder to Copy

It’s not only easy to issue a new key card but also hard to copy by laymen and guests. With traditional keys, you run the risk of guests copying it, and your whole security system is compromised. But with hotel key cards, it’s not that easy to copy and thus your access control remains safe. 

More Secure

Hotel key card systems are far more secure than traditional keys. Being computerized, with key cards, you have an exact report of who is holding which card and which access is provided to whom. With a traditional key, you don’t have this facility. 

With a traditional key system, an event of a loss will compromise the whole security system. In the case of the same event, i.e. a key card is lost, you can easily deactivate it and that would mean a safe and secure access system for your hotel.

These are a few benefits of hotel key cards and what makes them invaluable items. If you are in the hospitality business and still using traditional lock and keys, you’ll do well if you shift from that to key cards

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