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Why a 3 day Budget Safari in Tanzania is on the rise?

Tanzania is a beautiful country on the eastern coast of Africa. From rocky rivers, big green forests, to a superfluity of wildlife, Tanzania has everything. 3 Day Budget Safari Tanzania has always been a great attraction for all the tourists worldwide. Is there anyone who does not enjoy the fresh air, while roaming freely in the open jeeps, and catching sight of the wild cats all around. Packed with lots of thrill and excitement, 3 Day Budget SafariTanzania is really full of adventure. 

Top places that you should visit during 3 day Budget Safari Tanzania:-

(1) Serengeti National Park: Without giving a visit to the Serengeti National Park, 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania remains incomplete. The park hosts migratory birds for almost the entire year, and is known to have the world’s best wilderness. The seronera region becomes a must visit if you are an avid lover of the wild cats. 

One of the biggest river basin areas in Africa is the northern part of the Serengeti National Park, along with the Grumeti region. If you want to have an up close view of how animals live, the Ndutu region is best suited for them where one can easily see the caving season. 

(2) Arusha National Park: If you are looking for the most favorable environment in a 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania, Arusha National Park is what you are seeking for. This park offers the best safari experience in spite of not boasting of old cats, or other predatory animals. 

Without worrying of any harm from wild animals, you can either take a saunter or opt for a canoe safari at this park, and maybe even drive yourself at a slow pace. The different species of birds and monkeys which are not found anywhere else, are the main attractions of Arusha National Park. Whether you are an explorer or simply a nature lover, this park is really a beautiful place with plenty of options available for you. 

(3) Ngorongoro Conservation Area: Ngorongro is the best place to spot several animals, situated just between the Arusha National Park and Serengeti National Park. Here, you can enjoy the best ever 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania, especially with the serious drive games it has to offer. 

A home to elephants, buffaloes, hippos, hyenas and many other animals, this is basically a conservation area. It is renowned as the only park to have the biggest population of rhinos. Not only does this park have a very strategic location, but also the ride to the Ngorongro Crater simply adds an extra punch to it. 

(4) Empakaai Crater: If you want to relish the birds and wildlife in the Ngorongro Conservation Area, Empakaai Crater is the best choice for you. Thus crater is not reachable on foot as it is on the off side. You will also be accompanied by an armed guide, once you opt for this tour in a 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania. This tour includes birds watching and a walk till Lake Empakaai. If you are planning to spend your evening at Ngorongro Conservation Area, this is a very good way to spend. 

(5) Lake Eyashi: Once you give a visit to Lake Eyashi, 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania becomes a complete experience. If you are keen to learn about the local traditions, culture and customs, this is a very crucial stop. One of the most tourist friendly tribes in Africa, is the Hadzabe Tribe, which inhabitants the lake region. One of the oldest tribes in Africa, is the Hadzabe Tribe which has a really interesting culture. By hunting and gathering from the forest, this tribe makes their survival. You can also embark on a hunting trip with the locals, if you happen to visit Lake Eyashi in your 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania. You can also have a night stay in their village and enjoy their friendliness. 

Key Takeaway: 

Now, that you are aware of some of the top places that you can visit on a 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania, why wait any longer? Just pack your bags, book a 3 Day Budget Safari in Tanzania, and just head there in order to enjoy the wild side of Africa

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