Top Reasons to Consider Getting a Mobile Sink

Sinks are usually bolted to the wall or floor as we see in every washroom or kitchen in houses, restaurants, stores, or any other place. However, not every place is suitable for a permanent sink and support permanent plumbing installations. For places like this, there is another great alternative for sinks and that is called Portable or Mobile Sink. 

Portable or mobile sinks are the washing stations that can be shifted almost anywhere depending on the needs without the need for plumbing. They are quite handy and can be placed anywhere. Once you get a mobile sink rental service, you no more have to think about washing stations at odd places. The only limitation that you may face with this technology depends on your imagination. 

If you are unsure of the reasons why you should consider using a portable sink, this blog will help you. In this blog, we have listed a few reasons that offer you a better understanding of when and why you should prefer using portable or mobile sinks. So, let’s get started!

Reasons to get a Mobile Sink: 

  1. No installation required

Since portable sinks are not connected to any pipe, there is no need for plumbing. So, you do not even need to call out a plumber and install the sink. You can simply assemble the portable sink and operate it just at any place that has a power outlet. However, some portable sinks can work even without a power supply. All you need to do to use such portable sinks is that fill the freshwater tank and it will be ready to use. Also, since the portable tanks are on wheels, the tanks can be replaced easily whenever needed without the help of any professional. 

  1. Hot and cold water

Even though portable sinks are easy to install and transport, it does not mean that you can’t get the luxury of stationary sinks. Most portable sinks come with both hot and cold water options, which makes them suitable to be used as handwashing stations. You just need to plug in the power outlet and access hot water. Also, some portable sinks come with an electric pump and hot water heater built within their cabinet. 

  1. Cost-effective way

Since the installation of portable sinks is quite easy, you won’t need to hire a professional. So, it is a cost-effective and economical alternative to traditional permanent sinks. This will help you to stay within a reasonable budget whether you are installing it in your corporate office, daycare centre, schools, restaurants, schools, science laboratories, or an event. 

  1. Ensures proper hygiene

At places where it is hard to install stationary sinks, portable sinks work the best. After all, you will need sinks to maintain hygiene but plumbing can’t be done. Some of these places are classrooms, medical facilities, catering events, or any other place where a hard washing place is required. Most mobile sinks can wash up to 80 hands. However, it varies depending on the model. Some portable sinks even offer up to 300 hand washes. Therefore, any place with portable sinks will be able to maintain health and safety standards. Also, installing such sinks enforces habits of cleanliness in whatever setting you want. Thus, there will be no way any germs or bacteria can spread. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have now a clear idea of portable or mobile sinks, when to use them, and why to use them. Installing a mobile sink will be easier for you if the place will soon be renovated. If you have liked the idea of using mobile sinks cost-effectively with no installation, you should think about getting a mobile sink rental service. Depending on your need, you have to choose the mobile sink model. So, whenever you feel the need for a handwashing station, you should consider getting a portable or mobile sink

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